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Deepthi Murali

I could not help myself. I had to poke the wooden rearing horse in his mouth. His teeth were much sharper than I anticipated. --At Fort Kochi's "Jew" Town with a decidedly spirited horse (Kerala, India, Winter 2013)

I am a doctoral candidate in the department of art history at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I am currently visiting my fiery friend, the aforementioned horse, and continuing with my dissertation research in various cities, towns, and near-forests in India, and Europe. My dissertation prospectus Sacred, Sensorial, Cosmopolitan: Decorative Arts in Kerala, 1750-1875 is chugging along its winding, beautiful, and sometime tortuous path to the finish line.

This website is where I "brain dump" a lot of material that I am working on currently. My blog posts in the "Research" folder are works-in-progress in which you'll surely encounter things that you have not seen, and places and people you have not heard of before. If you want to know more about them,  drop me a line!